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  Sean Clarke 4a895a157b confirmed working, added margin to top - closes #3 2 days ago
  Sean Clarke 66c66fb29e testing back button, testing posts with images 2 days ago
  Sean Clarke d17d20a9cf added sorting to yearly index 4 days ago
  Sean Clarke 7667428829 added sorting by updated date to main index page - can added to other pages later, closes #2 4 days ago
  Sean Clarke 11b1a2366f added variety for testing posts. (removed updated date from post) 1 week ago
  Sean Clarke eb30d6103c added updated field, tweak visuals 1 week ago
  Sean Clarke 75441037b7 adjusted styling to set body to 80% width 1 week ago
  Sean Clarke 5e72313f85 fixing error with missing main.js file 2 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke de7d98d1c5 updated the readme to show that month is no longer used 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke 3a66cf8139 corrected footer url 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke 45f93a0051 added basic defaul pages - 404,503,403 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke f300c9bd0b added 'Recent Posts' title to main index 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke 86e7bf5728 modified index published date styling 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke d47f4e3ad1 added favicon 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke fd11f35c4f fine tuning CSS from seanland.ca site 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke ce933e44e7 fixed url generation to remove .html while creating .html file NOTE: Server side configuration is required 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke 238fdf2ee4 working on webserver, testing has to now be completed via webserver - no more local files 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke aed7320247 css and js folders/files generating 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke c0f71515f3 added copying for htaccess, forbidden, notfound and error files 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke a0ea4a4ff9 index for years and site folder generated 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke a487440de2 removed the month folder, all posts go into a year directory 3 weeks ago
  Sean Clarke 0f64d16b8b changed permissiosn to Post (644) 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke 419c3b0cd5 index files being generated] 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke af393c9b90 posts are being generatedgit add * 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke 98f56a9761 Post model getPost created, upated Readme.md 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke d247fc892b Listing.forYearAndMonth is functioning 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke 92c072b395 getDetails, takes the comment section and returns a key=>value array 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke 33c05018bf getDetails regex can seclude the 'commented' information 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke a7806adfc5 added this.html and md for object based urls in Post model 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke 343d65771b Listing.forYear function working 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke fbf7f02fef added Listing and Post model. models working 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke e6b82d9cc7 folder creation working, console showing chopped up variables. 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke 15f7ac1bb2 added rimraf, remove-site.js removes _site folder with contents 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke 2119fc731a converting using showdown, package.json basic config, making site dir 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke 8341341673 readme updated with basic design information 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke 5b27907c9d fixed gitignore to allow sample.md to be logged 1 month ago
  Sean Clarke 7b14e98ac4 Initial commit 1 month ago